About Us

As Akberg Wines, we aim to share our products, produced with passion
and care, with you

Located in Gökçealan Village, İzmir, with an annual production capacity of 4 million liters, our winery creates innovative products by integrating cutting-edge technology into wine production, and we strive to preserve and enhance the value of this land.

In our journey, where we took it upon ourselves to process the ancient grapes of Anatolia using our own methods and bring back the grape varieties that were almost extinct to the world of wine, we have validated our success by earning national and international medals for the grapes we have contributed to the literature.

We observe and inspect the terroir’s own grapes on-site in each harvest, and based on the analyses we conduct, we bring them to our winery with specialized refrigerated vehicles, process, and bottle them. We sustain our production while blending quality, sustainability, and the vision of Akberg with the future.

With the same care and effort put into each bottle, our wines are exported to wine destinations worldwide, including the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, China, and Poland, allowing us to transform the conventional wine palate.